Sustainable Strategy

Pegasus believes a responsible and sustainable environmental policy is an integral part of our mission to provide quality transportation services.

Pegasus joined the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership as part of our commitment to the environment, to our customers, to our employees and our community. We make use of a wide variety of tactics to conserve fuel, keep our prices fair and keep our drivers happy:

  • ALL late model aerodynamic conventional tractors (85% of OTR tractors are 2011’s or newer)
  • ALL late model engines with emission reducing technology such as EGR and idle shutdown
  • 90% of trailers equipped with tire inflation system to keep tires at optimal pressure
  • 80% of OTR tractors equipped with auxiliary power units (APU) to reduce idle time
  • Dispatch and fuel purchasing software to provide optimized routing and minimize empty mileage


These strategies help Pegasus ensure that our fleet of 240 power units has a minimal impact on our environment.  As a SmartWay Transport Partner, Pegasus has made a commitment to improve our environmental performance in the future. Improvements will include equipping ALL new power units with APU’s.  The APU’s currently in use have enabled a reduction of idle time from nearly 50% down to just above 5% resulting in dramatic fuel savings.

We also plan to increase the percentage of trailers with tire inflation systems and equip selected units with lightweight wide-base tires.  These improvements will enable us to provide better service to our customers, better accommodations for our drivers and to become better stewards of the environment.

Pegasus’ Idle Reduction Policy

Statement of Purpose

Pegasus Transportation is committed to minimizing harmful effects of its operation on the environment.  Pegasus seeks to reduce air pollution by turning off idling engines whenever possible.  Exhaust from idling contributes significantly to air pollution, wear on engines, fuel consumption, and operational costs.  It is our intent to protect the health of drivers, the public and the environment.  Eliminating idling whenever possible mitigates these negative effects.  Therefore Pegasus is establishing an official “Idle Reduction Policy.”

Statement of Policy

It is the policy of Pegasus Transportation that drivers of all vehicles owned, leased, or rented by Pegasus or vehicles on Pegasus property turn off vehicle engines when a vehicle will be stopped for more than 60 seconds, except when in traffic.  This policy applies, but is not limited, to the following situations:

  • While on break
  • When loading or unloading
  • When fueling
  • When while dropping or hooking to a trailer
  • When coming into an office to pickup or drop off paperwork
  • When stopped for extended delays in traffic or road construction


This policy applies to all vehicles, including:

  • Vehicles owned or leased by Pegasus,
  • Vehicles operated by employees, customers, vendors or visitors on site at Pegasus,


Pegasus shall notify its employees, customers and visitors of this policy by:

  • Posting “Idle Free Zone” signs where they can be easily seen by vehicles parked at Pegasus.
  • Posting “Idle Free Zone” posters and window stickers, as appropriate, on the premises.
  • Providing literature on the benefits of not idling.


The policy of turning off vehicles when stopped does not apply for periods when idling is necessary for safety or emergencies including, but not limited to, the following situations:

  • To provide climate control for the safety of vehicle occupants in cases of extreme hot or cold.
  • When stopped in traffic, such as when waiting at a traffic light.
  • When specific traffic, safety, or emergency situations arise.


In any of the above exemption cases if equipment can be run from the battery, drivers should refrain from idling unless there is a significant concern of draining the battery.

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