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Why should I participate in the Health and Wellness program?

Well, we all know that the cost of healthcare is on the rise and will continue to be for the next few years at least.  We are already feeling the sting of healthcare changes in our wallets.  Humana has agreed to limit our premium increase in 2015 if Pegasus would adopt Vitality as a wellness solution, and if we can get 50% of all eligible employees to Silver status within eight months of our renewal date of April 1st.  That means that we have to register a Humana Vitality account and start earning points to reach Silver status now so we can reach that goal by December 1st.  If we do, we will all benefit.

  • If we reach our goal, all eligible employees who have selected Humana coverage through Pegasus will have their premium increase limited at our company insurance renewal in April of 2015, and will begin to qualify for a company-wide premium discount.
  • Employees who have participated in Vitality and have reached the goal of Silver status will enjoy lower premium payments than those that did not participate, or did not reach the goal level by December 1st (the pay structure for achieving Vitality levels is currently under review and will be published to all employees as soon as possible).
  • And the most important goal of all - All that have participated and achieved in Humana Vitality will be much more aware of their own health and the health of their family members, and hopefully, will reap the benefits of actually living healthier lives.


How to participate:

  1. Register on the Vitality website:

    Your first step in participating in Humana Vitality is to visit the Vitality website by clicking “here“.  Registering on the site will automatically assign you to Blue status.

  2. Complete the Health Assessment:

    Taking 10-15 minutes to complete this simple questionnaire will quickly earn you big points towards your Silver status goal and will put you automatically at Bronze status by simply completing it.  There may be information in this questionnaire that you don’t have at your fingertips (cholesterol, blood glucose levels etc..).  This information can be left blank for now.  If you have family coverage, each member of your household over the age of 18 should do this too since you reap a large amount of points for each.

  3. Visit Kroger, Walgreens, or your personal physician to complete a Vitality Check:

    Bring the appropriate Vitality Check voucher listed below.  The Vitality Check is quick and gains you the largest amount of points for one activity.  With this completed, you may already be at Silver status!  If you have family coverage, each member of your household over the age of 18 should do this too since you reap a large amount of points for each.

    Kroger Little Clinic

    Walgreen’s Healthcare Clinic

    Personal Doctor

  4. Gain additional points by completing any of the following:

    1. Complete any of the quick calculators worth 75 points each!  You may complete up to four calculators per year.  That’s 300 easy points.
    2. Visit your dentist for free preventive services for 200 quick points.
    3. Have an eye exam for 200 more quick points.
    4. Have free health screening conducted (400 points) such as:
      1. Pap Smear
      2. Mamogram
      3. Prostate Exam
      4. Colorectal Screening
    5. Nicotine test for 400 points (see form below)
    6. Adult flu shot for 200 points.



Get Started and see how far you can go!



Receive discounts at the Vitality Mall as you rise in status!



Frequently requested info:

Vitality Check Vouchers:

 A Vitality Check includes:

    • Height/Weight/Body Mass Index
    • Blood Pressure and Pulse
    • Blood Glucose
    • Cholesterol check

Helpful Videos:

Frequently used forms:


General Information:


Vitality Apps:


Other Healthy Resources:

 Thanks and get healthy!

 Your friends in Human Resources

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