Employee Testimonials

Great employees are at the heart of Pegasus.  Read what some of them have to say about working for Pegasus Transportation.

To the Leaders at Pegasus …. “Thank You” so much for the Thanksgiving and Christmas gift.  It was greatly appreciated.  I’ve only been with Pegasus since the first week of November……but I often pinch myself to make sure that what I am experiencing is real.  After 31 years as a Preacher….my transition to a truck driver has not been an easy one.  I cannot tell you how many drivers have offered their advice and help to me in my short time here. The office staff is kind and courteous and respectful of what I do as a driver.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this team.  May God bless you all in your efforts. Dan Gabbard
It is the exceptional people Gary and Dan have put together that have provided me with the tools, support, equipment and the opportunity to excel here at Pegasus.  Thanks to you all for making Pegasus the best place I have seen to work for, period. Mark Shepherd
We’ve been here for seventeen years with a Company that knows you by name and not a number. Carl & David Ritchey
I’ve worked for Pegasus for twenty-one years and since Day 1 everyone at Pegasus, from the office staff to all the drivers, have treated me with total respect. Thomas Richey – KMTA Driver of the Year 2011
I have been a driver for Pegasus Transportation for over sixteen years now.  In my time here at Pegasus, I have just about done it all.  You will get treated fair at Pegasus.  You wont be referred to as a “truck number”, and the management has a REAL open door policy.  There are lots of other perks here too.  Hope to see you soon! Wayne Casey


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